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Tweed Coast Chiropractic and Health Centre

Providing patient centred care for the Tweed Coast region for nearly 20 years.

Hands on Treatment

We practice a range of techniques depending on your situation

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Chiropractors Servicing the Tweed Heads region and surrounds

At Tweed Coast Chiropractic we offer the communities of Tweed Heads and Kingscliff chiropractic care – with many of our patients traveling from the Gold Coast and as far as Brisbane and Byron Bay for treatment from our qualified practitioners

Our chiropractors are knowledgeable in a wide range of techniques. All our health care staff are focused on providing family oriented individualised personal health care to our valued patients.
We offer:

Owner and chiropractor, Ian Curnow, has assembled a  team to provide a complete range of treatment and health care services in Kingscliff. Our clinic in Wommin Bay Road has a wheelchair access ramp.

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Our chiropractors Ian Curnow and Ashlee Batters provide individual specific chiropractic health care. The initial consultation involves both consultation and treatment (if clinically appropriate).


Our Massage therapists Zare Edwards and Kaori Nishiwaki offer remedial and relaxation massage therapy to assist the body in the healing/recovery process and to reduce stress and enhance well being.

Additional Therapies

Our alternative therapists Audiologists Kathryn Richards and Johnathon Dao offer Audiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang and Kinesiology.

News and Updates

Check out the latest news and articles on our blog. We regularly share posts on health and well being, as well as updates on the progress of our sponsored athletes.

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Female Chiropractor Kingscliff

For personal reasons some people and often female teenagers would prefer to see a female practitioner. Our female chiropractor Ashlee Batters focuses on delivering  evidence-based care and tailoring treatment to the individual, ensuring she delivers a personalized,...

Sciatica relief: are you on the right path?

There is a lot of misinformation about sciatica, do you know what it is, and whether you're treating it properly? Sciatica is a collection of symptoms not a diagnosis, with the cause differing for every patient.  This point is important, because treatment of...

Why do my joints sometimes pop or crack, and is it a sign of arthritis?

Noisy joints? Joints emit a variety of noises that people may describe as popping, cracking, clicking or catching. The technical term for these noises is “crepitus”, from the Latin term “to rattle”. People of all ages can experience crepitus, although it does...

Cosmetic acupuncture in Kingscliff

What is cosmetic acupuncture? Is it just a celebrity fad?  Is it an alternative to Botox® or other anti wrinkle injections? Does it hurt? More importantly, does it work? Cosmetic acupuncture is a 2000-year-old form of skin rejuvenation treatment offered by...

Spinal Health Week 2019

Spinal Health Week May 20 - 26th. As we all know life is full of unknowns, but you can take simple and practical steps now to be ready for life at any age.  As part of Spinal Health Week 2019 (20-26 May), the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) is encouraging...

Heart Week at Tweed Coast Chiropractic Kingscliff

Tweed Coast Chiropractic raising awareness of heart attack prevention in Kingscliff During Heart Week (April 29 – May 6), Tweed Coast Chiropractic is joining the Heart Foundation in encouraging our local community to learn the warning signs —and take the...

What is Hip Dysplasia? Can It Be Treated?

Tweed Coast Chiropractic in Kingscliff can provide treatment to assist with hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a condition which can often be treated very early in life. If surgery/other forms of pelvic bracing is not required, Chiropractic can assist with exercises to...

At a Stretch……

Stretches may be included as part of a therapy program, and/or recommended to be done at home or part of your everyday exercise regime. The benefits of stretching include: Increased flexibility and joint range of motion: Flexible muscles can improve your daily...

Happy Spine, Happy You!

The spine has a vital role in your body, it protects your spinal cord, nerve roots, internal organs, keeps your balance, provides structural support and gives you full flexible motion.  If you find yourself with aches and pains, could it be as simple as doing the...

Traveling Tips to Benefit your Back and Body

We are often told “It's about the journey not the destination”. Unfortunately, long periods of sitting while travelling, unfamiliar pillows and uncomfortable mattresses can create discomfort or exacerbate those existing niggles. If your travelling long distance...

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