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Additional Therapies

Johnathon Dao – Japanese Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang
D.Acu, MD(AM)

Johnathon teaches E-motion Yoga & Qigong classes, workshops and retreats and is also available for consultation & treatments with Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Chi Nei Tsang, Medical Qigong Healing, Shiatsu, Western and Ayurvedic herbs, and traditional Dietary & Lifestyle guidance for self-healing, cosmetic Acupuncture and painless Japanese Acupuncture. All these modalities are included in his treatment packages.

Kathryn Richards – Audiologist

Life’s great when you experience the joys of hearing well.
The Audio Clinic offers:
Hearing testing
Hearing Aids
Free Services and rebates are available

For an appointment tel: 02 66860820
For more information visit https://www.audioclinic.com.au/

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