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 Kingscliff Massage and Myotherapy

Our Massage therapist Kaori Nishiwaki  and  Emily Pratt  offer remedial massage, relaxation massage, myofascial dry needling, cranio sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage,  pregnancy, shiatsu  and onsen therapy at our clinic to assist the body in the recovery process and to reduce stress and enhance well being. In addition Emily also offers Myotherapy and Bowen Therapy. Patients from as far as Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Byron Bay regions travel for treatment.

Massage is the manual manipulation of soft tissue and includes holding, causing movement, and/or applying pressure to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. It is applied to patients experiencing subacute and chronic pain, stress and anxiety,  rehabilitation and maintenance of health conditions (1).

Remedial Massage is the objective assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the signs, symptoms and causes of biomechanical dysfunction or injury, using specific mobilisation techniques, in order to restore normal health and function (1).

Myotherapy is a specialised application of massage therapy that treats myofascial pain and dysfunction. Myotherapy consists of assessing, treating and managing the pain associated with soft tissue injury and restricted joint mobility which has been caused by myofascia or muscle dysfunction. The myofascia is the compact, tough tissue  which covers and surrounds all of your bones and muscles. In its normal state, myofascia is relaxed and soft and can move and stretch without restriction. However. when physical trauma or inflammation occurs myofascia loses its pliability and become restricted and tight, causing tension throughout the body (2).

Bowen Therapy is a remedial technique that aims to treat the cause of joint pain, muscle issues, sports injuries, ongoing or intermittent pain. The technique involves gentle soft tissue movement in a very specific way, stimulating the connective tissue around muscles. It is safe for children, adults and seniors. It can be used as a stand-alone or as a complementary therapy to other therapies (3).


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